The Frontier Markets’ Ship is Sailing – Silk Invest White Paper

Silk Invest’s latest white paper defines the Frontier Markets, explores the investment case and showcases why an active investment approach to them will deliver the best results.

The paper also quantifies the growth opportunity and provides guidance on how investors should build exposure to these markets.

Frontier Markets have proven to be among the best investment destinations during the past decade and are increasingly attracting the attention of global investors.

These rapidly expanding economies are already home to 25% of world’s population and 11% of world’s GDP. Now that their capital markets have reached the critical size required to attract global investors, there is an increasing need, not only to better understand these new investment destinations, but also to determine the role these markets should play within investment portfolios.

Opportunities in Frontier Markets exist in abundance across asset classes and investors can unlock the full potential of these markets if they follow a credible and active approach which is ‘in touch’ with local markets.