Annual Outlook 2016

The recent market correction and volatility has created more investor uncertainty and although scary, Silk Invest believes this provides an attractive entry point into Frontier markets.

At Silk Invest, we are blessed to be able to focus on the long term frontier market opportunity and keeping a local perspective on events. Capital markets seem to have completely de-connected from the reality that we see on a daily basis in our frontier markets. We are therefore more than convinced that markets will eventually always reflect fundamentals and that investors are better off to keep a long term perspective.

Please click on the link below to see our annual outlook for 2016 which covers our detailed views on why we believe frontier markets are well positioned for 2016 and how we see the major global risks. It is built around three blocks which cover our top down and bottom-up assessment of our specific markets but also the global macro environment. As you will notice, we believe that disappointing returns in 2015 and the volatility so far this year, give investors a unique entry point to these markets. Risks are there but valuations more than make up for it.

Silk Invest Annual Outlook 2016