New Opportunities

While developed markets face growth challenges, many emerging markets are now capitalizing upon their growth potential.
Silk Invest concentrates on those regions with the highest growth potential.

“>NORTH AFRICA is converging.
“>FRONTIER ASIA is industrializing.

These regions present enormous opportunities to investors due to:

  • GROWTH – Economic growth underpinned by diversifying economies and improving governance
  • RESOURCES – Great potential to further profit from natural advantages as the world’s hub for resources
  • INVESTMENTS – Heavy government and private sector spending on infrastructure and real estate
  • STOCK MARKETS – Liquidity triggered by negative real interest rates an increasing number of listed companies
  • MONETARY POLICY – Loosening monetary environments supporting further economic growth
  • REGULATION – Improving market regulations and corporate governance in all countries
  • PROFESSIONALISM – Increased awareness of fundamental and technical analysis

Yet the regional capital markets still remain largely untapped even though allocation to otheremerging markets has almost tripled in the last 5 years. Allocation to Africa and the Middle East represents only 0.1% on average of equity fund portfolios in Europe.