Opening new routes for investors

InvestING in sustainable businesses serving local customers


Silk Invest was established in 2008 by an experienced multi-cultural investment team to provide investors with access to the world’s fastest growing economies.

Our guiding principles are built around our core convictions that Frontier Markets represent a unique investment opportunity and that the winners will be local entrepreneurs serving local consumers with sustainable business models.

Our local presence and first-hand experience with these investment destinations provides us with an edge when it comes to identifying the right opportunities.

Our edge

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We have a local perspective inside the world's fastest growing economies.

The fact that we live and work in these places gives us an advantage.



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Silk Invest has a distinct perspective and experience in the frontier markets. This stems from its unique set-up with two independent teams of investment professionals managing public markets and private equity. All team members bring specialist knowledge and outstanding track records in their respective local markets.

Over the past two decades, the frontier markets have become an increasingly relevant investment opportunity for institutional investors. International investors are under-invested in the these markets despite the fact that they are among the fastest growing economies in the world. 

Silk Invest is one of the few investment firms which have allocated sufficient resources to open up these markets for investors. Our main focus is to invest in firms with established business models that will outperform their local peers and become true leaders in their field.

To execute on this, it is paramount to understand local macro dynamics, local business environment, local entrepreneurs and the local consumer.