We just came back from a week of touring around the Nordic region. We set up a series of breakfast meetings around the region to discuss the outlook for emerging and frontier markets.

During our last meeting in Gothenburg, one of our local friends shared this picture with us that he took earlier that morning.

We thought it was way too good not to share it with you in this section of our website!

As the saying goes, pictures speak much louder than words. This one screams out that we may not have learned that much since the last global financial crisis…


What you are seeing here is a snapshot from Dagens Industri, a leading financial newspaper in Sweden.

If you don’t speak Swedish, we put our photoshop skills to work to make a translated version of the picture…

swedish article eng.jpg

It makes you wonder if this newspaper layout was intentional, and if it was these people certainly do have a refined sense of humor!

Baldwin Berges