INVESTING IN NIGERIA - Interview with Zin Bekkali

Some content just never dies!

We noticed that the media had picked up an interview we did in 2011, almost 7 years ago. We thought we'd post it because revisiting our unedited views of the past often help us from a better understanding of what we are seeing today.

One of the points we made back then is that to thrive in Nigeria, businesses need to be resilient. Because great entrepreneurs are first and foremost problem solvers, In Nigeria, they really get to prove it as they need to operate amid a dysfunctional infrastructure with patchy energy supply and clogged logistics.

We still stand by these views. Just as with many other economies, Nigeria has had its challenges during the past years but 7 years later, it has come out even more resilient.

The bottom line is that it has managed to grow into Africa's largest economy, dethroning South Africa as the traditional leader. 

The ball we need to keep our eye on when we invest is the evolution of the local middle class and the businesses that that are positioned to capture this opportunity...


Watch the 2007 CNBC Interview

Courtesy of CNBC's African Business News: