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The Silk Africa Lions strategy invests in listed securities across the entire African continent. We invest in small – mid cap consumer focused companies with successful local business models who will benefit from a rising middle class in the Africa region across sectors. The strategy was launched in 2009.

At Silk Invest we believe that this new generation of nations will become the future “Lions”. Our focus in these dominant markets is to invest in the stocks which will both outperform their local peers and become true leaders in their field.

At Silk Invest we believe that Africa offers an enormous opportunity for investors who seek to capture the rise of the African consumer by investing in the local entrepreneurs who create scalable businesses that can benefit from a rising middle class.

The strategy is available to investors globally; we offer a number of vehicles for this strategy as well as separately managed accounts.




The Silk Road Frontiers Equity invests in listed equities across the global Frontier Markets – predominantly in Africa, the Middle East, Frontier Asia and Latin America. We focus on small – mid cap local companies offering sustainable, high development impact and innovative business models. The strategy was launched end 2010 and employs a bottom-up, fundamental approach.

The strategy is available to investors globally; we offer a number of vehicles for this strategy as well as separately managed accounts.

Frontier Markets Equities Investment Process

Our investment focus lies in selecting companies with business models that are capable of capitalising on the vast opportunities in frontier markets. Because we believe that the demographics in these rising economies are the main drivers behind their growth potential, we see companies that are focused on capturing the long term growth associated with the consumer opportunity.

We also believe that the opportunity and the frontier markets truly belongs to the local entrepreneurs rather than the globalised companies.

Our well-established local presence in the major frontier markets allows us to benefit from an on the ground perspective when we evaluate the business models of local companies.



Silk Sustainable Real Assets

The Silk Sustainable Real Assets Fund is a diversified strategy that invests across different liquid real asset classes that share common characteristics:

  • Limited or no substitutes
  • Increasing demand and limited or diminishing supply
  • Positive correlation with global growth trends
  • And positive correlation with inflation

Portfolio resources are allocated between 7 different sectors

  1. TIMBER - An enduring asset class and global market
  2. WATER - Scarce commodity and local market
  3. ENERGY - Global Market and Best in class traditional energy companies and renewable energy companies
  4. INFRASTRUCTURE - Local demand is increasing both in developed and emerging markets…
  5. COMMODITIES - Sub segments including agriculture and natural gas
  6. GOLD - Protection
  7. INFLATION-LINKED BOND - Pure play on inflation




Emerging Africa Bond Strategy

The strategy Invests in fixed income instruments across the African markets. These are effectively off benchmark Emerging and Frontier market bonds issued by sovereign issuers. We identify and act upon opportunities in both hard (USD) and local currency bonds.

Similar to emerging markets debt in the 1990s, Africa’s fixed-income markets are now opening to international investors. The Africa fixed income investment universe has benefitted from tremendous growth dynamics during the past decade. Investors are increasingly attracted by a combination of relatively high yields, low correlation with the major markets, as well as improving liquidity.

Given the continued uncertainty across global financial markets, we therefore believe investing in the African bond market will offer clients an unconventional yet rewarding offering.

The strategy is available to investors globally; we offer a number of vehicles for this strategy as well as separately managed accounts.